Corporate social responsibility

We the officials and employees of the Modern Group will comply with all applicable legislation and corporate rules and will behave in accordance with social ethics. We are committed to putting into practice our vision of acting “to serve the people”, placing a high value on each person as an individual and thereby contributing to the growth and development of the community.

Maintaining consistency in the quality of products and deliverables and caring for the environment

1. We will make every effort to ensure consistency in the quality of products and deliverables generated by our corporate activities.

  • We will set up and implement management systems for quality assurance.
  • When conducting planning and design, we will ensure that the content assures product quality and that we fulfill our responsibilities as a manufacturer.

2. We will conduct corporate activities that are environmentally friendly.

  • We will promote energy savings and reduce our waste products so as to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We will manage the chemical substances included in our products and used in our manufacturing processes and ensure that our products do not contain legally prohibited hazardous substances. We will also fully meet our obligations in our implementation of labeling and evaluation testing.
  • We will continue to implement the Group’s own environmental management system in compliance with Eco-Action 21.

Acting fairly and equitably in our dealings and observing morality and security

3. We will make every effort to provide accurate product and service information and will respect intellectual property.

  • We will ensure that the information contained in our products and publications is accurate.
  • In our advertising and publicity campaigns, we will avoid representations that are exaggerated or not supported by the facts or that mislead the customer, and we will take care to ensure that they do not contain content that maligns or slanders other companies or individuals or that violates their rights.
  • We will check beforehand to ensure that we do not violate the intellectual property of any third party (patent rights, copyright, design rights, business confidentiality, etc.).

4. We will not indulge in anti-competitive behavior or abuse of a dominant bargaining position and will prohibit the giving and/or receiving of corrupt or otherwise inappropriate payments or bribes.

  • We will not use our position as an ordering party to unilaterally change the terms of transactions with clients (purchasers, suppliers, etc.) or impose unreasonable obligations on clients.
  • In countries or regions where there is legislation prohibiting the abuse of a dominant bargaining position, we will comply with that legislation (the Subcontracting Law in the case of transactions within Japan).
  • We will eliminate any antisocial behavior by organized crime groups and prevent bribery and any other forms of wrongdoing.
  • To ensure that we engage in fair and equitable competitive business transactions that are compliant with the Antimonopoly Law and the relevant legislation in each country, we will undertake employee training, set up monitoring systems and provide channels for complaints from suppliers and employees.

5. We will put in place thorough protection against computer and network threats as well as measures to prevent the leakage or disclosure of any information stored on behalf of customers, suppliers, employees or others.

  • We will put in place measures to ensure that computer or network threats have no impact either inside or outside the company. Here, “threat” refers to computer viruses, spyware and the like, and we will apply preventative measures such as installing and regularly updating anti-virus software on our servers and client computers.
  • We will also put in place mechanisms for appropriately managing all information, including confidential information (personal information and customer information), to ensure that any disclosure of such information is prevented.

Respecting human rights and assuring health and safety

6. We will prohibit practices such as forced and/or inhumane labor and will in no way inhibit the exercise of rights acknowledged as basic human rights.

  • All our staff will be employed subject to their own free will and we will not engage in forced labor.
  • We will respect our employees as individuals and will not subject them to inhumane treatment in the form of abuse or any other type of harassment.
  • We will eliminate any discrimination in recruitment and employment, practicing equal opportunity and fairness in our treatment of our employees. We will also comply with legislation and take appropriate measures with regard to work and employment for persons aged younger than 18 (child labor, etc.).

7. We will implement appropriate labor management and workplace safety management.

  • We will ensure that employees are paid at least the minimum wage under the applicable legislation and will not pay employees unwarranted or unreasonable wages or salaries.
  • We will manage working hours appropriately such that the legal limits are not exceeded and we will not improperly hinder employees in exercising their rights to paid vacations and other allowances.
  • In addition to assessing the risks to workplace health and safety and meeting the legally required standards, we will also put in place any necessary methods and procedures for maintaining and improving health and safety.
  • We will conduct regular health checks so as to manage employee health and will give ample consideration to health problems and mental health care.
  • We will provide an emergency situation manual for when emergencies arise and will provide appropriate training. We will also conduct fire drills and other emergency exercises in accordance with disaster prevention legislation.
  • We will put in place advance measures, such as emergency stockpiles, in case of events such as earthquakes during working hours.

Contributing to communities and regions

8. We will respect the cultures, customs and traditions of local communities and regions and will work to achieve understanding and integration without discrimination.

  • The Group also has factories in Malaysia staffed not only by Japanese employees but by a range of other nationalities and cultures who work side by side. The area around the Urawa plant is a residential zone with limitations that differ from commercial and industrial zones. We are working towards harmonious co-existence with the local community based on this understanding.

9. We will use our management resources to undertake corporate activities that allows us to contribute to the growth and development of communities and regions.

  • We will work to contribute to and support the activities of public institutions such as science foundations.
  • We will cooperate in regional disaster prevention exercises and volunteer activities. In the event of a disaster, we will respond to emergency requests as a member of the local community.