In all our corporate activities, we continually operate efficient quality management systems to provide valuable, high-quality products and services, building a corporate structure that promotes enhanced customer satisfaction.

Quality Guidelines

  1. Provide customers with services that give satisfaction and build relationships based on trust.
  2. Actively cultivate human resources so that we can assist customers by providing comprehensive solutions.
  3. Create new added value by anticipating market needs.
  4. Regularly review and improve our systems to ensure that quality is maintained.
  5. Ensure that all employees work together to continually progress quality assurance programs.

Protecting Confidential Information

We will protect your confidential information inclusive of your personal information as set out in the policy under the site.

Return of Goods

Since printed products are manufactured as a unique product, we do not accept returns for the convenience of the customer.
In the unlikely event that there is a defect in the quality of the product, we will exchange the product for a good one within one week of delivery, provided that the product is unused. Please send all defective products to us at freight collect so we verify before we reprint the replacement.

Term of Payment

Advance payment is required upon your order is confirmed. However if you expect repeated order, we might consider 30-days payment term from the next order onward depending on the total amount for long-time business. 

You can choose from the following credit card companies:

Once you agree to the quotation, we will send you a link to pay by credit card. We will use SONY payment service.