Are you planning to exhibit at a Japanese trade show and seeking a company to manage your exhibition efficiently, but unsure how? We provide comprehensive solutions for your needs.

Modern Co., Ltd. offers a full suite of services for exhibitions, including preliminary research, promotion, exhibition booth design, setup, staffing with Japanese and international companions, and production of panels and novelties. Our expertise ensures a successful exhibition in Japan, and significantly reduces the workload for your team.

This article details the services and solutions provided by Modern Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Booth Design and Management Learning from Failures Success often comes from learning from past failures. We’ve seen many mistakes made by both Japanese and foreign companies when setting up exhibition booths in Japan. By understanding these failures, we can determine the best practices for foreign companies exhibiting in Japan. Here are some common pitfalls and tips for creating a successful exhibition booth.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

English and Japanese differ significantly in grammar and pronunciation, making communication challenging. Many Japanese people often struggle with speaking English while they read English. Therefore, having people in a booth who can explain products and technologies in Japanese in a booth is more effective way.

Even though more Japanese people have lived abroad and communication has improved, many still prefer traditional Japanese interactions. Using simple phrases like “Hello” and “Thank you in Japanese,” along with exchanging business cards in the Japanese style, can enhance communication and likability.

Creating Appealing Designs

Japanese aesthetics favor simplicity and sophistication. Flashy or overly individualistic designs may not be well-received. For technology-related exhibits, a simple yet appealing design, such as a nature-inspired or futuristic look, is less likely to fail.

When it comes to characters, Japanese comic (Manga)and animation offer insights into popular styles. Japanese audiences often prefer cute, deformed characters. Incorporating these elements into your design can make it more appealing. It’s advisable to involve Japanese designers for character creation and panel designs to ensure cultural compatibility.

Ensuring Thorough Preparation

Insufficient preparation can make your exhibits unappealing. Planning in advance is crucial, including marketing, promotion, companion arrangements, training, novelty arrangements, design, printing, and installation. Missing any of these aspects can diminish the exhibition’s effectiveness.

Companion training is particularly important. Untrained companions may struggle to communicate and explain exhibits properly, rendering the effort ineffective.

Proposing Optimal Exhibition Booth Design and Management Plans

Modern Co., Ltd. conducts thorough preliminary research based on the type of exhibition and the industry of the exhibiting company. This helps us determine the best exhibition booth design and produce necessary panels, pamphlets, and commodities.

We design exhibition booths to attract public attention and arrange exhibits effectively. We also produce movies for display on monitors. By understanding visitor characteristics, we dispatch appropriate companions and provide them with necessary training. Additionally, we promote the event through various media channels to increase visitor numbers.

Maximizing your exhibit’s impact requires efficient allocation and management of limited time and resources.

Handy and Proximity to Major Exhibition Places

Modern Co., Ltd. is located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo where is closed to Makuhari Messe and Tokyo Big Sight that is two of leading exhibition places in Japan. Our location enables us to provide prompt and detailed support for exhibitors at these venues. If issues arise, our professional staff can quickly help you.

We offer all services related to exhibition booth management, including design, installation, companion dispatch, education, and production of panels and novelties. This allows exhibitors to arrive at the exhibition booth with minimal luggage, such as a PC and business cards.


With nearly 50 years of experience, Modern Co., Ltd. has accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise. We’ve adapted to various changes over the decades by embracing new systems and ideas. As the exhibition format evolves with digital advancements, we continue to innovate and improve.

For a more efficient way to exhibit and operate your business at trade shows, choose Modern Co., Ltd.