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An exhibition is an event where companies introduce and advertise their products and services. It is an excellent opportunity for companies not only to increase their name recognition, but also to promote their products and attract new clients.

Exhibitions are held at Tokyo Big Sight and Makuhari Messe in the Tokyo area, attracting many industry professionals with a strong interest in market trends. In addition to making the design of your booth and exhibits attractive, you can leave a lasting impression on visitors through presentations and demonstrations. Exhibitions also attract industry and market professionals, which can help increase your company’s visibility.

A variety of companies related to the theme set by the organizer will exhibit at the exhibition. Since visitors come to the exhibition to gather information on products and services related to the theme, it can be said that all visitors are potential customers for the exhibiting company. By appealing to visitors with your products and services, you can lead them to new business opportunities. For example, an IT-related exhibition attracts many visitors who are interested in IT.

It takes time and money to set up a booth, make announcements, and run the booth.
Exhibiting at a trade show requires preparation time and costs for setting up a booth, making announcements, and running the booth. Careful preparation is essential to set up an effective exhibition booth. Many factors must be considered, including booth design, preparation of exhibits, announcements, and staff training.

Exhibitors need handouts to provide information to visitors. In addition to handling the planning, design, production, and printing of pamphlets, flyers, business cards, and novelties, you must also consider inventory management of completed handouts.

Since a large number of visitors will be expected during the exhibition, it is necessary to secure sufficient staff. Staff must be trained to enhance their responsiveness and communication skills, and they must be able to respond quickly and appropriately to questions from visitors.

The results of visitor contacts and business negotiations need to be tracked and quantified to evaluate their effectiveness. However, since not all cases lead to immediate business negotiations and sales at the exhibition, the results may be difficult to measure directly. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a system and methods for measuring the effectiveness of contacts and negotiations in advance.

Before exhibiting at a trade show, set clear objectives and goals. For example, it is important to set specific numerical targets such as the number of business cards to be corrected, appointments, business meetings, and orders to be received. Also, clarify the message and focus you want to convey to visitors.

Booth design is important for trade shows. Make sure your booth stands out by utilizing bright colors and graphics. Also, be creative in the placement and layout of your booth to create an effective exhibit space. Make sure that visitors can move smoothly and that your products and services are arranged in a way that is easy to see.

It is also important to select appropriate fixtures for your exhibition booth. Utilize display stands, shelves, tables, and other fixtures to showcase your products in a way that conveys their appeal. Pay attention to the placement, height, and visibility of the fixtures to make it easy for visitors to see the products.

Place information in the booth that accurately conveys the features and advantages of the products to be exhibited. Provide visual demonstrations and explanatory texts to convey the appeal of your products to visitors. It is important to provide information that will make visitors interested in the product and want to know more about it.

Train your booth staff to be friendly and courteous. It is important to fully educate them about your products and services so that they can provide accurate information to visitors. Build a relationship of trust by responding quickly and appropriately to visitors’ questions and requests.

Plan to follow up with visitors after the exhibition. Keep visitors interested by contacting them by e-mail or phone and offering special offers and discounts. Use the information gathered at the show and tailor your follow-up to their individual needs to increase your chances of winning an order.

It is also important to set a clear theme for your trade show booth. Through a theme, you can more strongly promote your brand and product message. Special events and presentations can also provide visitors with opportunities to learn more about the appeal and features of your products. To create a sense of unity in your exhibition booth, we also recommend incorporating themed designs and decorations.

The following are some of the famous exhibitions held at Tokyo Big Sight or Makuhari Messe.

  • Japan Mobility Show
  • Furusato Festival Tokyo
  • Tokyo International Gift Show
  • Comic Market
  • Tokyo Auto Salon
  • Tokyo Game Show

To create an eye-catching exhibition booth, it is important to match the decoration and design to the purpose of your company’s theme.

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